Example IOSH Working Safely Questions

Administrating safety relies on people following the rules. Which of the following statements about safety rules are true? Select one or more:

  1. PPE is better than safe working procedures
  2. Engineered controls (that do not rely on people to follow rules) are generally better than safety rules.
  3. Safety rules are often used in conjunction with physical controls, like guarding, fencing etc.

To design the best way to control a risk, your company should ... Select one:

  1. Get the safety manager to design all controls
  2. Call the HSE
  3. Discuss the issue with the people who do the work

Which of the following are reasons why we all need to work safely ?Click on the appropriate answers .. Select one or more:

  1. To prevent you from injuring someone else
  2. To reduce the risk of getting injured
  3. To ensure yearly performance bonus is met
  4. It is ethical and morally the right way to work
  5. To ensure production targets are met

Example IOSH Managing Safely Questions

It is not acceptable for workers to suffer injury and ill health as a result of doing their job. This is a _____________ reason to manage safely. Select one:

  1. Social
  2. Financial
  3. Moral
  4. Legal

Which two of the following are true? Select one or more:

  1. Risk is the combination of the likelihood of a hazardous event occurring and the consequence of the event
  2. The likelihood of all hazardous events is the same
  3. Consequence is the outcome of the hazardous event
  4. Risk is the combination of the likelihood of a hazardous event

Which of the following are examples of reducing the Likelihood of harm occurring? Select one or more:

  1. Using a pre-diluted chemical instead of concentrate
  2. Guarding on a machine
  3. Low-voltage equipment

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