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I have forgotten my course details

The online platform can be found here

There is a ‘forgot password’ function on that page.

My course access has expired

If you have been enrolled by your workplace then please contact your training department. If you are self-enrolled an extension can be purchased here.

How to order?

You can purchase by following the checkout process, it only takes 3 minutes, and the course will be immediate. We use WorldPay, one of the internets most secure payment providers, to accept payment by card.

Can I pay by invoice?

Businesses can pay by invoice; there is a tickbox during checkout to ‘pay by invoice’.

Can I send a Purchase Order?

Absolutely, please send a Purchase Order over to and, we will process the order for you.

Multiple Delegates

Can I book for someone else?

There is a tickbox during checkout to say, ‘this course is for someone else’; you will receive an email with a link to enrol your delegate.

Can I book for multiple delegates?

Absolutely, after ordering, you will receive an email with a link whereby you can enrol your delegates. Alternatively, we can take care of this step for you.

IOSH Certificates

Is this an official course?

Yes, we are an IOSH-approved training provider. At the end of the course, the certificate is an official IOSH certificate.

Does the certificate have an expiry date?

No. Once you have successfully completed any IOSH Certificate, it will never expire and will be valid indefinitely from the date of issue; however, IOSH recommends that you take a refresher course every three years to keep your knowledge up to date.

What’s the difference between digital and paper certificates?

A digital certificate is provided in PDF format, whilst the paper version is the hard-printed version.

Both certificates come from IOSH, via ourselves. Soon, the digital certificates will go directly from IOSH to the delegate.

As a provider, there are cost savings to us when using the digital version, and we have gladly passed on those savings to you, which is why there are two prices.

How does online learning work?

The delegate has the flexibility to learn when it’s convenient for them. The platform is available 24/7; the delegate can study from any location, on any device, dipping in and out as their time requires.

How long does the delegate have?

Each delegate has six months of access. In exceptional circumstances, we will extend, but a further three-month extension can be purchased if needed.

Link to purchase an extension

Can I find out more about IOSH membership?

Find out more here

or from the official IOSH website here

What is IOSH?

Find out more here


Find out more here