IOSH Working Safely in Hertfordshire

You can now study IOSH Working Safely in Hertfordshire courtesy of First4Safety.

First4Safety have been based out of Digswell for some time, offering the nationally recognised IOSH training and certifications.

Up till now the emphasis has been on working for a select group of commercial clients, but now First4Safety are offering the chance for anyone join our tailor made IOSH courses.

Starting December 10th we will be offering the one day IOSH Working Safely course on a monthly basis. Studying in a superb venue on Parkway, Welwyn Garden City, the IOSH course will take a complete day.

Obviously the main draw of the day will obtaining the IOSH certification, but we hope the course will prove to be enjoyable, insightful, and importantly provide you with a lot to think about and take back to your working environment.

Our lead instructor, Tom Hoey, has a wealth of experience in Health and Safety. Tom has tailored to allow the best experience for the delegates, but still working within the IOSH guidelines to get the most from the subject matter. The results speak for themselves with the vat majority of delegates passing first time.

For all those who are unable to devote a complete day to the course, First4Safety have an online version of the training. This is available via the First4Safety website. Training online will allow all of us with busy lives to still obtain the IOSH certification, but studying when we can. Delegates get six months to complete the course, but we are sure you will do it in a fraction of the time.

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