Health And Safety Policy

Health and Safety

Policy Statement

At First4safety Ltd we are committed to the protection of people, property and the environment. There are four key elements to this policy:
1. We will strive to maintain a safe and healthy working and living environment so that employees, customers and contractors do not suffer occupational injury or ill health. The well-being of our employees are protected through rigorous attention to safety and adhering to our performance standards.
2. We strive to prevent loss or damage to our property and activities. The means for this to include risk reduction, fire protection and security systems.
3. Compliance with legislation is a minimum requirement. We believe that occupational injuries, illness and other losses are preventable and will seek through continuous improvement to eliminate all causes of accidental losses. We use risk assessment to establish procedures, working practices, training and communication to achieve this end.
4. First4Safety ltd will provide resources needed to implement the policy. There are two basic requirements of all our employees and contractors in order to achieve the aims of this policy:
o the co-operation with and active participation in all Health & Safety Activities
o behaviour which does not endanger themselves or their colleagues, and in compliance with all relevant rules and procedures.

It is understood that the health & safety programme will only succeed through involvement of everyone, and management are committed to making this a reality.

Signed: T Hoey Director (Tom Hoey) FIRST4SAFETY LTD

Dated Review Date
02nd May 2017 2nd May 2018