IOSH Managing Safely Course Content

The IOSH Managing Safely Course Content will give managers, at all levels, the knowledge and understanding they need to manage the health and safety in the workplace. This will ultimately help to prevent accidents. This on-line course is targeted at managers in any organisation or sector who are required to manage risk and resources.

IOSH Managing Safely Course Content


On-line IOSH Managing Safely Course Content Overview

  • Module 1: Introducing Managing Safely
  • Module 2: Assessing risks
  • Module 3: Controlling risks
  • Module 4: Understanding your responsibilities
  • Module 5: Identifying hazards
  • Module 6: Investigating accidents and incidents
  • Module 7: Measuring performance
  • Module 8: Protecting our environment

Modules explained

  1. Introducing Managing safely

Occasionally some managers do not view health and safety as a priority. Some see it getting in the way of productivity. The first module makes it clear that managers are accountable for the employees under their control , and makes a persuasive case for managing safely.

  1. Assessing risks

This module explains the terms ‘risk’ and ‘risk assessment’. The risk assessment process is explained and delegates start to understand how to complete a basic risk assessment.

  1. Controlling risks

This module looks at the hierarchy of control and concentrates on the best techniques to control key risks. Delegates soon understand to look at first eliminating risk, whereas PPE is the last resort.

  1. Understanding your responsibilities

This module looks how the legal system works, health and safety law and enforcement and introduces the importance of having a health and safety management system.

  1. Identifying hazards

This module explains all the common hazards that managers may face. This includes entrances and exits, work traffic, fire, chemicals, electricity, physical and verbal abuse, bullying, stress and noise. Also housekeeping and the working environment, slips, trips and falls, working at height, computers and manual handling.

  1. Investigating accidents and incidents

The importance of why accidents should be investigated is explained and the process of good accident investigation is described so that root causes can be identified.

  1. Measuring performance

This module explains how checking performance can help to improve health and safety. Delegates learn how to develop basic performance indicators, and get to grips with auditing and proactive and reactive measuring.

  1. Protecting our environment

Protecting our environment plays a major part in most managers roles these days. This section explains how organisations and individual managers can get involved in cutting down environmental impacts.


More detail from IOSH can be found here.